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Testimonials from Customers

At Talk Islam Online Store (TIOS), we strive for excellent customer service.

We would like to say Thank You to all of the customers who have allowed us to serve them. Following are few of comments we share with you.

UPDATED Early 2009

Hello! I just wanted to comment on your excellent service. I received my books much more quickly than I had anticipated, even though I received a refund for part of my shipping payment. I appreciate your good prices (for example the Oxford English Arabic Dictionary was 1/2 the price of some other online stores), and I also appreciated your online advice about the extra shipping costs of courier vs USPS. It is good to know that you understand the problems of the international shopper! :-)

Thank you is nice to be surprised by superior service!

C. H. Ontario, Canada.

Order: 46810
Body: good and prompt service. The item was shipped immediately and it was well packed. Good job.

Order: 46759
Body: Highly Recommended, Fair prices. Great products, especially those that are hard to find elsewhere.

Order: 46612
Body: the overall prices is very interesting and its a good site as little gifts to be cherished, i do a little shopping from this site almost every month thank you.

Order: 46376
Body: The Talk Islam Online Store's business practice was of the best quality. I had no problems what so ever. All items were shipped on time. I would most certainly shop again in the near future.

Order: 45694
Body: Assalam-o-Alaikum The best on-line experience I ever had. I placed an order for Quran and it was processed and shipped within 24 hours. I have received them and I give a thumb up to the Vendor. Keep up the good work and Insha-Allah Allah will reward you all for your effort to spread the deen. Jazakullah Khair

Order: 45277
Body: The company makes sure customer is satisfy.

Order: 44959
Body: Very fast delivery

Order: 44943
Body: Alhamdulillah the prices on this website are cheaper than other sources, and they had several delivery options. It was easy to place the order, and my books arrived within 4 business days, which was faster than I expected.

Order: 44834
Body: They have boooks nobody else has, special interest academic books that are hard to find. They shipped right away.

Order: 44782
Body: Excellent and rapid service and good pricing.

Order: 44746
Body: Excellent transaction, recommend highly.

Order: 44495
Body: Book was interesting, well written, & written by someone who is well informed. Got what I asked for in a timely manner.

Order: 44036
Body: They had books at extremely affordable rates and shipped them promptly with wonderful packaging. What more can you ask for.

Order: 43111
Body: May Allah bless you.

Order: 42960
Body: Great experience. Very reasonable prices, and you get books you cannot find elsewhere! Fast shipment, arrived in 2 days!

Order: 42508
Body: Couldn't be more pleased. This merchant satisfies my buying experience in price, delivery and professionalism. keep it up!

Order: 41922
Body: This site is very easy to use and they did what they said they would. I will do a lot more shopping with this online store. I'm very satisfied.

Order: 41788
Body: Talk Islam Online Store is a great online source of quality Islamic products. I have always been very impressed by their excellent selection, outstanding customer service, and fast ship times. I have always had good experiences with them, and I highly recommend them. They also get 5-STARS for getting inventory back in stock quickly and notifying you when items you are interested in become available. They are a true credit to Islam. Mark, MCTS

Order: 41547
Body: Bismillah As salamu alaykum The speed of the items that arrived pleased me. My family and I enjoy the products we bought and will refer others to your place of business. I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future. Thank you for a trusting and prompt shopping experience! Sincerely, Aalia

Order: 41411
Body: Jazakum Allahu Khairan. Very fast shipping, and order was exactly what I wanted. May Allah reward you, and help your business to grow. . .Ameen Umm Sayf

Order: 41248
Body: I am very satisfied with the quality and care of the service. The store shows great respect and is very punctual in their deliveries. Smooth transactions... quick shipping... perfect...

Order: 41091
Body: Good friendly service. Even willing to make an overseas phone call to query an order.

Order: 40687
Body: My only discontent with my order was with communication which was a bit difficult to get an actual person on the phone to discuss the order. Once I got through and found out what the delay was about - everything went smoothly. I will certainly shop with them again and I am pleased with my purchases. Kind and professional customer service from a retailer with a unique collection!

Order: 40629
Body: I really enjoyed my shopping experience talk Islam online store and would shop there for all my religious study needs.

Order: 40380
Body: It is a good work that you guys are doing, Allah ll guide us all to the right path. Amin. Keep it up. Bro Hamza

Order: 40189
Body: Definately the best from amongst the rest. It is a relief to know that this type of service is still available Keep up the good service. Regards, Hassan.

Order: 39680
Body: The book that I bought was excellent.. The shipping was extremely fast. Would recommend this store to anyone interested in finding all kinds of hard-to-find books about Muslim Americans and civilization (and many other products..).

Order: 39338
Body: Assalaamu Alaikum I brought 2 books from this merchant and I am very pleased with the service. It was a pleasant, efficient service and I also received free poster that I was actually trying to get hold of :) I received my order in good time, the books were packaged properly. I am an overseas customer shopping from the UK and received my good in 2 weeks, which was stated to me in the invoice e-mail. I would certainly shop from this merchant again and hope to do so in the future inshaAllaah. I would like to say thank you, JazakAllaah khayr to all at Talk Islam Online and an early ***Eid Mubarak***

It was a good experience. The ordering was easy, I was informed that they had placed my order, and it came in a timely manner; in pleny to time for my presentation at school. Thanks! (C.B, Durham NC)

Fast shipment. Good products. Great price. (D.R., Auburn WA)

I have order a lot of things online but Talk Islam Online was the very first to ship items order in such a timely matter. I will always order from Talk Islam Online the service is ranked among the very best. Thanks Talk Islam Online. (R.A., Wahiawa HI)

Talk Islam was very fast and professional. I will order from them again... (E.P., Burlingame CA)

The delivery was very quick and I enjoy my items. Thanks for the service. (K.M., Kansas City MO)

I am very pleased with my ordering experience. Items were delivered promtly as promised. Will order again from them without hesitation. (V.T., Baltimore MD)

Merchandise arrived much sooner than I expected! (A.Q., Ocean NJ)

I will defintely buy from Talk Islam Online Store in the future. The processing was simple and hassle free. The option of tracking my package worked out wonderfully. I had just recently switched apt #'s and I was still able to receive my package on time. Insha Allah. (S.F., Santa Clarita CA)

Very fast service - great products at an extremly reasonable price! (T.H., APO AE 09128, United States)

I really liked how everything was presented. It was nice to examples of the pages from books that are offered. Overall, I really liked everything about the store, especially how user friendly it was... thanks!!! (D.W. Spokane WA)

Excellent Service , good communications and very quick delivery. Good receieved as promised (A.K. Edison NJ)

This is one great store. The shipment was quicker than I had expected......way much quicker. There is so much to chose from also. In fact, I am going to that website now. Bye.. (D.A., Newark NJ)

I am extrmely pleased with my experiences with TALKISLAM. (A.C., New York NY)

The store made material available that would otherwise be impossible to know the existense of. The truth in its advertising is to be trusted. The service is excellent and reliable; it has been essential in my continuing to procure from this online service. (M.B., Huntington Beach CA)

They had super cheap shipping & I received the items in less than a week! Their prices are unbeatable!Will buy from again! 5 stars! (R.A., WESTLAND MI)

Customer service is outstanding... they shipped the item very quickly... it was a pleasure doing business with this company (L.C., Troy NY)

I am glad that I ordered from talk islam because I love the great prices and hassle-free shopping. I had a great experience. Thanks. (S.S., Briarcliff Manor NY)

An islamic book store that offers the lowest prices on the web. I will continue shopping here again. (N.I., West Lafayette IN)

Immediate email confirmation and very prompt delivery. Recommended! (A.D., New York NY)

They have the fastest delivery time for items and always get the order correct. (P.K., Birmingham AL)

Good collection of books, although a few books i found on the site weren't really available. other than that, everything was great. (F.A., San Diego CA.)

The best prices and quick shipping. I would recommend this store to everybody (Z.M., Shrewsbury MA)

Everyone should order from Talk Islam Online Store for all Islamic needs and wants. This site has the best prices and all orders are delivered promptly. Thank you Talk Islam! (R.L., Dearborn MI)

Outstanding service. I will keep buying from them. The packaging was really good too. (S.W., St. Paul MN)

True, They did provide better than expected service. Merchandise/DVD arrived in next day even company said by 2, 3 days shipping but arrived by next day services. This is really good store with good stuff and excellent service. Thanks Talk Islam. (M.S., Linden NJ)

Its books are the cheapest in price compared to the other online book store. I received my order in time. (M.Y., West Lafayette IN)

Your prices are Masha Allah very good! May Allah bless and reward you abundantly in this world and the next, ameen! (A.B., San Jose CA)

I was suprised at how fast my order arrived. My purchase receipt that was emailed to me was clear and correct. I was impressed and would do business with them again in the beginning. (S.R., Springfield MA)

GREAT prices and GREAT service.....Will DEFINETELY do BUSINESS with AGAIN!!!! (S.F., Worth IL)

Gift was delivered just fine. thank-you for your folllowup. (L.W., Beacon NY)

I only wish you had a more diverse selection. (B.H., Brooklyn OH)

Assalamu Alaykum, Alhamdullillah the price was most reasonable and the timing was great. I pray that Allah reward you for your effort and successful endevour. Jazakumu Allahu Khayran. (M.B., Chester VA)

I was very pleased with all the shipping options and the speedy processing of my order. (E.T., Pearland, TX)

Everything went smooth, they had the products that I ordered, nothing went on back order and they shipped them immediately. I did not expect to be so fast. Thank you. (A.I., GREENSBORO, NC)

The website and customer service were excellent. Keep up the good job! (I.D., Chevy Chase, MD)

Excellent Service, Quality, and speed of delivery. (A.E., Orlando, FL)

The products were shipped immediately and received much sooner than I expected. (E.R., Johnstown, NY)

Asalaamu Alaikum Masha'Allah, my shopping experience was wonderful, AlHamdulilah. The online catalog was easy and self-explanatory, the inventory and it's availability was great, the order form/process was very efficient, right down to the tracking of my order. Mahsa'Allah, I can't say enough about TalkIslam Online Store, but I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends and most assuredly be back to shop myself, insha'Allah. Jazakallah. (D.M., Clarkston, GA)

I am telling all of my bro. about talk islam and keep up the good work as salaamu alaikum. (Y.M., MOBILE, AL)

I was happy to save money on postage using usps book rate. (C.S., Austin, TX)

No missing item on this order. Order received 4 days after it was mailed (USPS First Class). Good job! (A.M., Lexington KY)

The delivery was prompt. Good work. (N.M., Auburn AL)

Very fast and friendly, (R.F., Tulsa, OK)

Assalamu alaikum, I haven't had any bad experiences with Talk Islam Online Store. As a matter of fact my first shopping experience was very good. Most of my merchandise was in stock, and some of it was not, but Talk Islam Online Store, shipped out the products that were in stock, and gave me several notifications via email that the remaining products that were out of stock will go out shortley. I have no problem recommending Talk Islam Online Store to consumers, their customer service skills via technology meets the demands of all of its customers. I have had a good experience with Talk Islam Online Store, and will always keep them as a valid merchant for my online Islamic shopping. Respectfully,  (B. B.,  Waterbury, CT)

I'm very satisfied with the service and the product itself. The package came earlier than I expected. Thank you so much. (F.A.,  Durham. NC)

Fast and Efficient! (S.S., Crystal, Lake IL)

Great ordering experience, great communication. Will order from again and again! (S.H., Leesburg, FL)

Their response was prompt and I was satisfied with the turnaround time of the merchandise shipped. I also appreciate their confirmation of the order received and when they shipped out my order. Would have like more literature on their other merchandise enclosed with the order. (E.R., Milwaukee, WI)

I had several orders in transit from various other websites and yours arrived the same day as an order placed days earlier with b & n, it arrived earlier than a previous amazon order. Jazakullahu Khairu (A.S.,  Kansas City, MO )

Their prices are very reasonable and the merchandise was great. I have even referred them to others. (A.K., Greenfield, CA)

Yet another great transaction!!! Fast shipping, and great merchandise...will be ordering from again and again! (S.H., Leesburg, FL)

An amazing transaction!!! I ordered a Azan prayer clock, and it was even better than I expected. I will be ordering from them again and again!!! (S.H., Leesburg, FL)

I normally have problems recieving my orders when I order something online, but this order came with expedience and in excellent condition. (Z.B., Brooklyn, NY)

Vastly exceeded my expectations. Very pleased with my order and the high quality of their items which are sold at very low prices. I received my order very quickly. Useful, unexpected free information was included with my order and I have already referred my friends to it. I do plan to order from them again soon. (A.M., Richfield, MN )

I am pleased with my experience shopping at "Talk Islam Online". Nothing spectacular or special happened, but i never expected that. I just expected to receive my order on time, and my order was indeed delivered promptly. I also expect that my personal info and credit card info is kept confidential. I would definitely recommend "Talk Islim Online" to others and i will be back myself. Thanx!! (S.S., Huntington Beach, CA)

The shipment arrived on time and good pacakaging. Good job. (D.S., San Diego, CA)

Didn't have any problems received everything in a timely manner. I would order from them again! (D.J. Appleton WI)

I was very pleased, the ordering process was easy, and the response was immediate, I also ordered again and my products were delivered in a very timely matter. I appreciate the email of verification of my order, as well as the processing of delivery. Thank You. (C.N.K. Renton, WA)

During a busy season, they still managed to get my order to me a full day sooner than I thought was even possible. (B.J., Cambridge, MA)

As Salaamu Alaykum, I was very pleased with the service and selection of the your Online Store, prompt delivery. Would also like to see a greater variety of Arabic language books on Islam...Still I'm remain a satisfied customer..!  (I.S., New York, NY)

Great seller, great service, great communication. AAAA Would love to do business again. (P.P., Washington, D.C.) 

Merchandise was excellent and packed perfectly. Shipment was immediate. Highly recommended! Thanks!! (L.F., Henderson, NV)

I found the books I wanted at great prices. I received my order in a timely manner. I will continue to shop here with these excellent prices. I have been telling my friends about the site. (Y.W., Decatur, GA)

Order was delivered in a professional and timely fashion. I received my order in 2 days and a complementary magazine was included. I shopped online for the book and tape series "Access to Quranic Arabic" and Talk Islam Online offered the series for 10 to 20 dollars less than any other store I could find. I look forward to doing business again in the near future. (J.H., Silver Spring, MD)

I received my product in a perfect shape on time. (H.B. San Diego, CA)

I am in receipt of the books and am pleased with both.  Very honest people. I will be ordering from them again. Thank you.  (C.M. Baltimore, MD)

Talk Islam Online store was very accurate and efficient. I received my order in two days as well as a confirmation as soon as I placed the order. Thank you. (N.R. Nashua, NH)

I truly appreciate your prompt response to my order. I pray that your business will grow in the future with the help of Allah, inshaAllah. Thank you. (N. K. Durham, NH)

This is an excellent site! I love the colors! Thank you for offering such wonderful products through the most convenient form of shopping. I look forward to becoming your most valued customer, Insha'allah. (M.B. Baltimore, Md)

I've just been on your site and I think it is a really great site. May Allah bless you for what you are doing, since it has so much information to help all the muslims finding what there are looking for. I've also checked out your book store. I think it wonderful that you have a wide selection of books to choose from, it's good for the young generation! May Allah bless you and your family! Continue the good work!!!!  (A.E. Ontario, Canada)

Had a problem with the order, but they took care of it right away (M. A., Bridgewater, NJ)

I am extremely surprised by the competitive pricing and large selection of the products offered. And I am very pleased with its product tracking functionality which would received my highest commendation. I am confident all my friends will be delighted as well.....! (H.K., Euless, TX)

Very prompt, professional, reliable, and FAST!! Smooth Transaction and very good packaging..The best prices I could find anywhere too... Thank you very much (Z.K., San Jose, CA)

I would recomend it to any one in the world looking for Islamic items. (Z.H., London, United Kingdom)