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Islamic Fiction Stories

Islamic Fiction Books - Quality Books That Reflect The Very Best Of Islam!
The Islamic Writers Alliance (IWA) is a United States (U.S.A.) based professional Muslim organization with an International membership involved in the literary arts -- published and aspiring authors, novelists, poets, essayists, publishers, editors, translators, illustrators, journalists, spoken word artists, bloggers, and playwrights. Below are "the works" of each author we highly recommend to review and purchase their books, including visiting their websites listed where you may learn more about Islamic Fiction books, books written by its members on other themes & style. Currently, Islamic Fiction is read worldwide, while recognized with a growing popularity presence in mainstream public domain. Please show your support, and learn more about Islamic Fiction today.

Islamic literature has two main categories of writing: Non-fiction and Fiction.  Islamic Fiction (IF) is a sub category of Fiction and it has many genres (types of stories) and is written for major age groups and/or reading levels: children, youth, teen /young adult, and adult. A writer of Islamic fiction intends for the reader to learn something halal (permissible) about Islam in a creative and non-preachy way by showing rather than telling!

"Islamic Reminder"
Determining the accuracy and permissibility of Islamic content is the responsibility of every adult Muslim reader. This may differ according to individual differences in madhab and practice. All Muslim parents, guardians, teachers, and school administrators must determine whether a book’s content is halal for their children and students. This Islamic Reminder holds true for all materials a Muslim reads."