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Discounts ??

It never hurts to ask, but please also understand and respect the following as we do same for you, Alhumdullilah.

Lately, we have been receiving requests for discounts, nothing unusual. We understand and respect these few requests coming from our prospective customers, and how healthy it is among competition within us various vendors selling the same Islamic products.

Yet people, please understand we are a "For Profit" business structure. There are people behind this "entity" and web site doing everything possible to make your Islamic e*shopping simple, easy, friendly, no frills & hypes, bring to you great product selections, and above all, making your experience enjoyable and fun. As always, we look forward to providing you with the highest level of customer support, best products, and service. Every member of our team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations in each of these areas.

Our prices are discounted and very competitive on almost every single item found on the web site. Compare this with other web sites where you might have to become a member to benefit discounts; only selected items discounted, timed-promotions and sales, free gifts with x-amount of purchases, and other marketing related issues. Nothing wrong, in fact, we feel this is very healthy for all our Islamic vendors to continue such marketing ingenuity and be competitive so all vendors and their customers can benefit in their own special way.

But people, please be fair and evaluate us vendors on all terms (i.e., price, service, feedback, delivery, product selections, etc.). Let us not jump to our own emotions, conclusions, and judgements to only one specific issue. There are costs involved to all these specific issues and when evaluated as wholesome issue. We as vendor's try to compete and better ourselves in each of these areas. In the end, it is "you" the customer who is paying for that product, service, and with it the self-fulfilling satisfaction and enjoyment.

All price factors are determined in the product itself - provided it is not a counterfeit, boot-legged copy of book from overseas, and/or any inferior workmanship - that may come without a guarantee and non-refundable.

In conclusion, we at are working hard to strengthen your trust every day. Even than, if "you" feel a discount is deserved and warranted for a purchase, please send us an email request for consideration, as wherever possible, we may be able to provide such. It all depends on the product item, quantities requested, and the time of the year. We are always here to help and at your service. Just ask us.

Finally, please find an article below we can relate too which was published in the American-based Muslim magazine Al Jumuah, Issue Safar 1423H, April/May 2002, Vol 14, Issue 2, pages 40-43. For subscription please contact them at 888-425-5868 (U.S.) or (0800) 018-5868 United Kingdom.