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Hoodhood Series

Stories From the Quran: This series is aimed at the younger age groups of 2-8. It recounts the various stories found in the Quran in a charming and entertaining way. With beautiful full-colour illustrations throughout, these books are the perfect introduction to the Quran for our younger children. The entire series of six books is also available in an attractive boxed set.

Heroes from the East:  Each book in this series relates the life of a famous historical figure from the Eastern world. The books are all beautifully illustrated, providing an exciting and informative insight into the lives of warriors, statesmen, philosophers, artists and travelers. Written for children between the ages of approximately 7 and 11 years, this will grow into a comprehensive library of heroes and heroines that can be referred to again and again. Now available in an attractive boxed set of 10 Heroes.

Travels of Ibn Battuta:  This series relates the amazing adventures of the 14th century Moroccan traveler, Ibn Battuta - often known as the Marco Polo of the East. He set off to Mecca on what should have been a journey of one year but ended up spending twenty three years traveling, reaching as far as the Wall of China before returning home!

The Lives of the Prophets:  The first book in this series is devoted to telling the stories of each of the main prophets found in the Quran, from Adam to Muhammad. Subsequent books concentrate on the life of each of the Prophets in more detail.

Fables from the East:  This series concentrates on the beautiful and enchanting myths and fables that abound in the Islamic and Eastern worlds. Humorously written, and brought to life by stunning colour illustrations, this series will appeal to young and old alike. Perfect for School Assembly sessions.

Treasures from the East:  This books in the series Treasures from the East concentrate on the rich artistic and architectural heritage of the East, ranging from beautiful cities to historic buildings and ancient civilizations.