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Muslims in China (Aliya Ma Lynn)

Muslims in China (Aliya Ma Lynn)

Muslims in China (Aliya Ma Lynn)
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ISBN: 9780880938617
Author: Aliya Ma Lynn; Translated by Phylis Lan Lin and Cheng Fang
Publisher: University of Indianapolis Press (2004)
Pages: 128 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Trade with Muslims from the Middle East brought Islam to China, and Muslims in China have had a powerful influence in many sectors of Chinese society. Aliya Ma Lynn in Muslims in China explores the beginnings of Islam in China, the assimilation of Muslims into Chinese culture, the hardships they had to endure, the struggle of Muslims to keep their faith while dealing with pressure to conform, and how the advent of Islam altered the history of China. The Islamic identity is outlined to demonstrate how complete and separate it is from other identities and how Muslims in China have fought to keep this identity alive. Influential Muslims of China are mentioned and their contributions detailed. In particular, Admiral Zheng He and the advancements his navel missions brought to China are discussed. His encounters with other Asian kingdoms often led to changes in the Asian world, so that his influence spread beyond the borders of China. In fact, he even negotiated a peace with all of the states in southeast and southwest Asia. His kindness and goodwill are still commemorated in many Asian countries. There are many contributions made to China by Muslims, including the introduction of the cannon and a new Chinese calendar. There was even an Islamic dynasty in China-the Ming dynasty-although history has often overlooked this fact. It is obvious through the many examples the author offers that Muslims changed China and made many positive contributions to Chinese history. Biography Aliya Ma Lynn is originally from Beijing. She attended the American University of Cairo in Egypt. As a journalism major, she also attended Fu Tan University in Shanghai, China. She has served as a news translator and announcer in broadcasting, became a media producer in radio and TV and has lectured on Chinese language and literature. Now a freelance writer, she is published in both English and Chinese magazines all over the world