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The Circle : Terror and Triumph in the Holy Land (H. Edward Schmidt)

The Circle : Terror and Triumph in the Holy Land (H. Edward Schmidt)

The Circle : Terror and Triumph in the Holy Land (H. Edward Schmidt)
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ISBN: 0971757607
Author: H. Edward Schmidt
Publisher: Upper Falls Books
Pages: 323 Binding: Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket

Description from the publisher:

The First World War, the War to end all wars is over and the Palestinian people are free from the yoke of the Ottoman Empire for the first time in four hundred years. But their freedom is immediately challenged when Britain grants to Jews the right to settle in the same land. In this uncertain and dangerous world, three childhood friends in Jerusalem become adults.

Ismael, a hero in the Arab revolt against the Turks has returned home, only to sense that something is very wrong.

Yitzhak, fired with the glory of Zionism, is recruited by the Circle. He sees his friend Ismael for the first time in three years "What have I done", he mutters to himself.

Sarah, who like her father, sees a society in which all peoples of Palestine can live together in peace, all equal before God. A storm is in the air, Sarah must protect her brother Yitzhak and childhood friend, Ismael, from its fury.

"It is the power of the friendship between two Jewish siblings and an Arab boy which is both the major theme of 'The Circle' and the energy source that makes it work so well. 'The Circle will enthrall the reader from start to finish." - Former Congressman Paul Findley ( author of 'They Dare to Speak Out' )

H. Edward Schmidt - Served in the government for twenty-five years, including service in the United States Army in Europe and the United States Peace Corps in Africa. The author dedicates The Circle "to the millions of dispossessed Palestinians who dream of returning to their beloved Palestine."

"In vivid detail, the H. Edward Schmidt takes what is traditionally told as a political story of colonial deceit by Britain and France and turns it seamlessly into a poignant personal story. 'The Circle' is a great read." - Ray Hanania ( publisher - Arab American View Newspaper )

"If you have ever wondered how the Israeli/Palestinian conflict began, then you will definitely want to read H. Edward Schmidt's 'The Circle'. He makes you feel you are right there in the Holy Land." - Middle East Affairs Journal

"Schmidt carefully weaves you through history with a thrilling plot that leaves you entertained and informed at the end. Finally, a fresh insight into the root causes of the Middle East Conflict, from a perspective that we rarely understand." - Yousef al-Yousef ( Chairman - American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice )

"Like all good historical fiction, Schmidt's 'The Circle' involves both historical figures and fictional characters. What readers...will find most illuminating about Schmidt's historical novel is the focus on the lives of individuals making history." - Henry Berry (The Small Press Book Reviews)

"Thank you for giving me the privilege of reading 'The Circle.' It's very enlightening about the background of today's battles in Israel. I found it entertaining and easy reading as it explains the history which brought them to the present day unrest. Pursue publishing as the general public deserves to have this information shared with them. Good Luck." - Ginny ( A Friend )