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The Phenomenal Landing of Adam in Sarandib

The Phenomenal Landing of Adam in Sarandib

The Phenomenal Landing of Adam in Sarandib
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ISBN: 9830650782
Author: Mohamad Yasin Owadally
Publisher: A S Noordeen (Malaysia)
Pages: 127 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Allah , (s . w . t) the creator of the preserved tablet, the Mighty Pen , the Throne , Angels ,Planets, The Heavens ,Paradise and the Hell ,Jinn and Creator of Man. He created all and every thing and every creature will love. The Heaven boasted “ My lord has raised me above you ,and I am the loftiest creation , the dwelling place of angels. In me are the Throne , the Canopy ,the Pen ,the Sun , the Moon and the Stars . In me are The storehouses of mercy and from me Divine inspiration descends to you!” Upon hearing this the Earth cried out :’ O , my Allah ,thou has stretched me flat and hast entrusted me with growth of trees and plants with spring. Thou hast anchored the mountains on my back and hast created on me all kind of fruits. Heaven boasts to me of the angels who glorify Thee that dwell in her. I have been overtaken by wilderness and there is not a creature upon me to make mention of Thee . The Earth was told: ‘ Be still! For I shall create from thy dust a form which shall have no equal in beauty ! I shall provide it with reason and speech and shall teach it of mine own knowledge and shall cause My angels to descend to it .” The Earth was so happy and it was looking like gleaming silver. Allah decide to create ADAM (a.s) , He said to the angels : ‘I Shall put a lieutenant on earth!” The angles answered :” Who will be the lieutenant on earth?” Allah answered :”He will have children who will degenerate in earth, and envy and kill other.” Whereby the angles said:” O, our lord , thou placest a being there , who will spread corruption and shed blood ,whilst we sing thy praise ,and glorify Thee?” Allah therefore answered : “I know that which you know not”