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God, Universe & Man, the Holy Qur'an, and the Hereafter

God, Universe & Man, the Holy Qur'an, and the Hereafter

God, Universe & Man, the Holy Qur'an, and the Hereafter
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Author: Fateh Ullah Khan
Publisher: Islamic Book Service, Idara Islamiyat-e-Diniyat, or Kitab Bhavan (India)
Pages: 384 Binding: Hardback

Description from the publisher:

This book is the result of through contemplation of the author, Engr Fateh Ullah Khan a Civil Engineer from Aligarh Muslim University. He discovered that the allegorical sense and substance of the relevant Qur’anic revelations correspond to many of the latest scientific discoveries made by the 20th Century man. He discovered a great similarity of all knowledge of all natural sciences, describing the physical universe and man with the Qur’anic verse revealed 1400 years ago when there was absolutely no knowledge of natural sciences and the people were ignorant. According to him these facts directly lead man to the logical conclusion that the Holy Qur’an is Word of Allah, beyond doubt and that the creation of the physical universe and all its objects along with man himself are His portents and tokens, so that , by his knowledge, meditation and faith, man could derive wisdom from the marvels of the creation of Allah. The author says that the Holy Qur’an to his message to all mankind for guidance and to inform and of the reality of the ‘hereafter’ i.e. eternity of life after death. The Book is an understanding challenges indeed, to the inquiry mind. The reader will certainly we intrigued by it. It consist of pages 384, 17 chapters followed by the Essence of Conclusion, Biography and Index. ISBN 81-7151-261-5 20x26/8 Pages 384 1999