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Polygamy in Islam

Polygamy in Islam

Polygamy in Islam
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Author: Bilal Philips & Jameelah Jones
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House; IIPH (Saudi Arabia)
Pages: 100 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:


“Polygamy is the Muslim practice most frequently and severely maligned by Westerners and modernist Muslims. This book can be read with profit by all unprejudiced readers who wish to know its justification and rationale.

One of the greatest contrasts between Islam and the West is their conflicting concepts of relations between the sexes. Indeed, the very first question a Muslim convert is confronted with by an American or European is ‘Why does Islam allow four wives?’ This book...replies straightforwardly to that question and much more.

The authors describe all the most important characteristics of marriage in Islam, pointing out that the Western notions of sex equality and romantic premarital ‘love’ are not necessary in Islamic marriage based on piety and the commitment on the part of both parents to win the pleasure of Almighty Allah.”

Maryam Jameelah Muslim World Book Review, vol. 9, no. 3, 1989 Preface: Third Edition i Preface: First Edition iii Transliteration v 1. Institutional Monogamy 1 Early Christians were Polygynous 2 Self-denial as a Way of Life 3 Monogamy Protects Males 5 2. Marriage in Islam 10 Marriage Superior to Transient Relationships 11 Rights of Marriage Partners 12 The Greater Responsibility of Males 19 A Wife's Duties 21 Obedience to Husbands 26 Muslim Women not like Non-believing Women 32 3. Ta'ad-dud : Polygyny 33 Legality of Polygyny 34 Women Outnumber Men 38 Male sex-drive and The Veil 39 Conditions for Plural Marriages 46 4. Division in Plural Marriages 50 The Principle of Equality 52 Beginning Division 54 Time Division 56 A Wife's Right to Time 59 Time Rights of a New Wife 62 Conjugal Rights 64 Making-up Time 66 Giving up Division Rights 71 Residence Rights 73 Spending and Clothing Rights 77 Gifts 78 5. Conclusion 81 Index of Hadiths 93 Bibliography 99