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Islam: Its Meaning, Objectives, And Legislative System (Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Khouj)

Islam: Its Meaning, Objectives, And Legislative System (Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Khouj)

Islam: Its Meaning, Objectives, And Legislative System (Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Khouj)
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ISBN: None
Author: Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Khouj
Publisher: Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Khouj
Pages: 335 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Excerpt from the book:

Year by year, technology marks its increasing influence on society, and we find that our daily lives often become restricted to fulfilling just our basic needs. The preoccupation with technology additionally affects the society through the appropriation of additional funds for further advancement. This generally causes other societal needs, such as medical care, education, and care for the environment to diminish. Sadly, people become conditioned to accepting these realities and in doing so, often lose their society. Because we have to work so diligently for just our basic needs, we can often become overwrought with self-preservation or survival, and so self-absorbed, that our compassion for others, in more desperate need than ourselves, is virtually eliminated. Still others, in a more desperate attempt to equalize the emotional frustration and financial imbalance of their society, venture into crime, If society reaches this level of deterioration, then people must establish and advance a more positive life.

When we become overtly preoccupied with personal interests we fail to fulfill all aspects of our nature and neglect, or often forget, whey we are here on this earth and seek only to please our own desires. Whether or not our lives operate smoothly, we will sometimes disregard compassionate behavior and become insolent or intolerant of those who are different due to their nationality, culture, race, color, material possessions, or ideas. Because of our developing within the human being are those for companionship and procreation and ownership. Islam recognizes that within these instincts lies the continuation and welfare of the human being are valid basic instincts. Through these instincts and other capabilities, he can fulfill his mission and can understand the value of good and the detriment of evil.

The struggle between good and evil is clear cut in Islam, where Islam shows the human being that the everlasting and good life is with good.