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Heroes Of Islam Series : 15 Booklet Series (Fazl Ahmad)

Heroes Of Islam Series : 15 Booklet Series (Fazl Ahmad)

Heroes Of Islam Series : 15 Booklet Series (Fazl Ahmad)
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ISBN: 9694320941
Author: Fazl Ahmad
Publisher: Sh. Muhammad Ashraf
Pages: 855 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

These short life-sketches written in an easy, graceful style, idiomatic, everyday English, offer an inspiring reading for youth. If you need books that passionately affirm the Islamic values of life, here is such a fine set.

The series of short biographies of the heroes of Islam was originally written nearly half a century ago. It promises to remain a great source of education and inspiration for generations of young Muslims to come. The history is invaluable; the narrative is compelling. These books were thoroughly revised by Dr. R Hasan in 1999. The revised editions also have beautiful production quality. And as usual, you will find true gems whose easy and graceful style will captivate the readers.

Without photos nor illustrations, each compact volume has text which narrates the "hero" (noteworthy personality) of Islamic history.

This set consists of booklets on :

  • Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)
  • Abu Bakr
  • Umar
  • Othman
  • Ali
  • Khalid bin Walid
  • Muhammad bin Qasim
  • Mahmood of Ghazni
  • Mohy ud Din Alamgir Aurangzeb
  • Sultan Tipu
  • Aisha the Truthful
  • Husain the Great Martyr
  • Some Companions of the Prophet Part 1
  • Some Companions of the Prophet Part 2
  • Some Companions of the Prophet Part 3