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The Wise Qur'an : A Modern English Translation (Dr. Assad Nimer Busool)

The Wise Qur'an : A Modern English Translation (Dr. Assad Nimer Busool)

The Wise Qur'an : A Modern English Translation (Dr. Assad Nimer Busool)
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ISBN: 9781453525258
Author: Dr. Assad Nimer Busool
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation (2011)
Pages: 798 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

English translations, or rendering of The Wise Qur’an are very many. According to certain statistics, there are around sixty translations in English. However, the majority of them contain some major errors and mistranslations. Author Assad Nimer Busool, Ph.D. brings forth a grammatically accurate English translation—made to the best of his ability—of Allah’s Wise Book as he pens the translation of The Wise Qur’an: "These are the verses of The Wise Book".

The Wise Qur’an for the Muslims is a revelation from God, The Exalted, and the book in which His message to all humankind is contained and finalized. Having been studying and interpreting this sacred book for a long time already, the translator has long believed that there is a need for more correct and clear English translation.

The translator radical shift from all the existing translations is his translation of verse 34 of Surat an-Nisa’ 4, where the Arabic term, “Wa-d-dribuhunna”, is translated by all the translators of The Wise Qur’an, “Beat them”, i.e., women or “Hit them.” Instead, he translated it, “Make love to them.” For detailed discussion of this translation, the reader should read appendix 1 of this translation.

“I found how much inaccurate, often wrong, and unclear they are,” the translator states. With the help and encouragement of his brothers from the Qur’an Society in Greater Chicago Area, he embarked on this monumental task of translating The Wise Qur’an: "These are the verses of The Wise Book", a volume that renders a far more correct translation than most of the existing translations. Also added are cross references to the verses that speak of the same idea, theme, or personality in the translator’s footnotes. In addition, the translator added appendices of information about the Qur’an from the Qur’an.

“This translation gave me the chance for the first time in my life, to live and deal with The Wise Qur’an, word by word, and think, and ponder, and reflect on the meaning of every single word in The Book of God, The Exalted, with the help of twenty two classic and modern Qur’an interpretations,” Busool declares. He hopes that with this translation, readers will be able to understand The Wise Qur’an better.