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Arabic Expressions, Listings Glossary (Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr)

Arabic Expressions, Listings Glossary (Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr)

Arabic Expressions, Listings Glossary (Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr)
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ISBN: 0975960172
Author: Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr
Publisher: Foundation for Islamic Knowledge (2009)
Pages: 240 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Preface: Anyone who wants to associate himself with Muslims especially in Muslim countries has to learn the Arabic language. More so if he wants to go to the Arab countries as a business person, a journalist an engineer, or a physician also has to learn the Arabic language. By learning single words it will be easier for him to speak and communicate with the Arabic speaking people. Reading Arabic words and the Islamic expressions without someone who is Arab, does not help you to pronounce them correctly. There are some alphabet letters in Arabic that are not found in English, French, or German. Therefore, after reading these words try to find someone who will help you to pronounce them rightly; classically, but colloquially. By pronouncing the words and the expressions rightly, it will be easy to read the Quran, which is in Arabic. With non-Arab Muslims, it is easy for them to understand Arabic if the speaker uses classical Arabic. In this chapter, a good number of expressions have been used to allow the speaker to understand and communicate with Muslims all over the world. The Arabic and Islamic expressions have been transliterated, translated, and explained. You need to find someone who knows how to pronounce them properly. Then and only then, will one find it easy to pronounce them and use them in daily life. We pray to Allah to bless all of us. Ameen. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Expressions I. Preface II. Introduction III. Expressions

3. Listings I. Introduction II. Most Beautiful Names of Allah III. Attributes of Prophet Muhammad IV. Names of Prophet Muhammad V. Names of the Qu'ran VI. Names of the Day of Judgement VII. Names of Paradise VIII. People of Paradise IX. Names of Hell X. People of Hell

4. Arabic Glossary I. Preface II. Glossary

5. Final Remarks