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Invincible Abdullah Adventures (4 Book Set)

Invincible Abdullah Adventures (4 Book Set)

Invincible Abdullah Adventures (4 Book Set)
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ISBN: none
Author: Uthman Hutchinson
Publisher: American Trust Publications
Pages: 729 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

These are chapter books for Grade 4 & Up readings, Insha'Allah. Workbooks to go along are available too.


Invincible Abdullah: Deadly Mountain Revenge

“When Abdullah travels from England to visit his cousin Hasan in Pakistan during summer break, there is more than just a friendly family visit in store. A luggage switch at the airport, a half million dollars in smuggled cash and an unexpected fight in the bazaar lead the boys into some of the wildest territory in the highest mountains in the world. Armed tribal conflict is the result. Abdullah’s knowledge of karate and Hasan’s quiet, quick wittedness as well as the strength and courage of their companions, Gul Muhammad and Abd al-Haqq are sorely tested. That test becomes a life and death struggle against the elements and the evil of men. An innocent vacation turns to high adventure in The Deadly Mountain Revenge.”

Pages: 220 Binding: Paperback


Invincible Abdullah: The Car Theft Kidnapping

“When Abdullah returns to England from Pakistan there is a strange letter waiting for him. A reformed criminal and a twist of fate lead Abdullah and his companions into a deadly trap. Kidnapping, car theft, betrayal, and attempted murder are the result. It’s a race against time to find a hidden workshop and free one last hostage of The Car Theft Kidnapping.”

Pages: 152 Binding: Paperback


Invincible Abdullah: Mystery of the Missing Pearls

“Abdullah and Zaki visit Malaysia the riddle of a madman is their only clue to the plot of an evil magician. The Martial arts of a blind man and a fortune in pearls, stolen from the ocean floor, only add to Abdullah’s confusion. It takes a near drowning and some fast thinking by Zaki’s sister, Latifa, to finally uncover the truth. There’s adventure in Malaysia in The Mystery of the Missing Pearls.”

Pages: 131 Binding: Paperback


Invincible Abdullah: The Wilderness Survival

“When Abdullah arrives in America he is hounded by the mean-spirited son of his father’s best friend. Against their will, Abdullah and his friend, Hakeem, are forced to take the other boy camping. What promises to be a boring trip turns into an extreme situation. A place crash puts the boys in terrible danger where Hakeem’s knowledge of the wilderness is their only hope. It’s a battle against the elements and lurking attackers in The Wilderness Survival.”

Pages: 226 Binding: Paperback


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