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Qaf for Quran (DVD) Letters and Manners : Adam's World

Qaf for Quran (DVD) Letters and Manners : Adam's World

Qaf for Quran (DVD) Letters and Manners : Adam's World
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Publisher/Manufacturer: Sound Vision (2011)
Product specifications: DVD
Item type: DVD

Product description:

Be the first to grab a copy of this highly anticipated Adam's World episode

There is so much more to the Quran than reading and memorizing, as Adam and Aneesah discover in yet another exciting episode of Adamís World!

First of its kind video for children on the subject of the Quran, Adam and Aneesah along with their friends, Khala, Chacha, Akhi, and Marya, share a wealth of knowledge with children in the most engaging way.

Children are introduced to many new Islamic manners and customs. From doing Tilawa, to listening to the Quran, to appreciating the beautiful Quranic Calligraphy, to yearning to be a Hafiz, to absorbing the story of Cave Hira.

Kids will be thrilled to travel to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, with Adam and Chacha through a transvisualizer to witness the ancient manuscripts of the Quran.

This episode teaches the following five Arabic letters and key Islamic terms that begin with those letters: Ta for Tilawa, Ha for Hafiz, Fa for Fatiha, Qaf for Quran, and Kaf for Kitab.

Featuring Nader Khan, a renowned classical Nashid artist as "Chacha". Other artists include, Malikah Mohammad, Radwan Al-Nachawati, Vernon Brown & Naomi Omar-Ali

Executive Producer & Script Writer: Abdul Malik Mujahid
Producer: Taha Ghayyur
Director & Puppeteer: Tom Vandenberg
Editor & Animator: Shakil Nandloll
Production Coordinators: Lina Rahman & Mahfuza Rahman