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ILM Quest (Level 3) [ recommended for ages 8+ ]

ILM Quest (Level 3) [ recommended for ages 8+ ]

ILM Quest (Level 3) [ recommended for ages 8+ ]
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Publisher/Manufacturer: Creative Education and Publishing
Product specifications: Board Game
Item type: Board Game

Product description:

Who Says Aquiring Knowledge (ILM) cannot be fun ?

This game proves the myth wrong !

  • How about letting your child learn and have fun at the same time ?
    • This flash cards create a learning desire among children to gain knowledge about ISLAM in the most unconventional manner. They enjoy learning as they play these cards rich with Islamic Ilm.
  • Parents will find the pack of cards to be a storehouse of knowledge that will educate, inspire, teach and provide the child of today with information on Islam, literally at his fingertips!
  • The pack consists of 50 cards each with 4 Questions and Answers on various topics on Islam.
    • That's at total of 200 Q/A in all. A real boon to the true Islamic knowledge seeker!
  1. Covers a complete curriculum of Islamic Studies
  2. Challenge other children with these questions.
  3. Use ILM Quest during traveling or idle / past times.
  4. Be creative and use ILM Quest in a variety of settings to show learning about Islam can also be fun.

Pick up a set of these cards and discover for yourself how easy it is to gain knowledge. You will be convinced without a doubt that these are not just a pack of cards, BUT a storehouse of unfailing knowledge.


  • Learn Aqeedah (50 Q & A)
  • Learn Seerah (50 Q & A)
  • Learn Fiqh (50 Q & A)
  • Learn the Islamic Way of Life (50 Q & A)
  • A total of 200 Questions and Answers in Aqeedah, Seerah, Fiqh, and Manners.

Levels 1 & 2 is recommended for 5-7+ years age group.

Level 3 is recommended for 8+ years age group.

Level 4 is recommended for 9+ years age group.

Level 5 is for the youth and young adults.

Following are set of examples how the card game may be utilized for different grade levels  to make it fun and educational.

As Educators, it is apparent to simulate and encourage the children to learn about Islam. There are challenges, goals and objectives to make the learning process fun and educational at the same time.

  • These sets of 50 cards contains a total of 200 Q/A, each card with 4 Q&A. They cover all the basic curriculum requirements of Aqeedah, Seerah, Fiqh, and Manners (Akhlaq). The questions are short, clear, concise.
  • A parent or an educator may use ILM Quest as a supplement to the curriculum.
  • ILM Quest may also be used in a variety of settings: outdoor picnics, indoor contests, a place of mutual gatherings, and various places of interest for an Islamic fun and learning process.
  • ILM Quest may also be used in competitions, debates, and various other ways to stimulate of learning about Islam.
  • and much, much more .... the idea is to be creative in your learning and educating process - and ILM Quest is another part of your assistant.

How To Play:

1). Throw a dice (or any similar object without numbers, i.e. small button, stone, etc.) randomly on the colorful numbered posterboard provided.

2). Pick the question where the object lands on. For example, if the object lands on 26 yellow, take the card number 26 and ask the question with the yellow background.

3). Consider each correct answer as 3 points. The players and/or teams of the game can decide how to keep score. Answers are provided in back of each card.

4). The object is to get as many correct answers as possible to win the game, Insha'Allah. That's how simple it is to play and have fun. Enjoy the game and expand your knowledge on ILM Quest.