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Stories of the Prophets (audio CD set) Dr. Tariq al Suweidan : 2 volume CD set

Stories of the Prophets (audio CD set) Dr. Tariq al Suweidan : 2 volume CD set

Stories of the Prophets (audio CD set) Dr. Tariq al Suweidan : 2 volume CD set
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Publisher/Manufacturer: Revival Media, Qurtobah Productions (2009)
Product specifications: 20 Audio CD set in double boxed set
Item type: Audio CDs

Product description:

Stories of the Prophets is a well researched work by Dr. Tareq Suwaidan and is an English translation of his best selling Arabic “Qasas al Anbiyya.” The aim of narrating the stories of the Prophets is sustaining the believers i.e. to make them strong enough to face the calamities befalling them. Another aim is to follow the example of these great men and learn from their lessons. In fact we learn from their life history how to behave well and purify our soul. We have to ask ourselves, “Who are our role models in life?” Youth constantly find it difficult to find the best example to follow in life.

This series of the Prophets’ life histories aims to urge youth to love the prophets. Consequently, they will be attached to them and become eager to imitate them in their righteousness and goodness. Hence, the prophets will be their best role models.

Volume 1 –

  • Introduction, Creation of the Universe, Angels, Adam (p), the First Sin
  • Habil and Kabil, Sheeth and Idris (p)
  • Nuh and Hud (p)
  • Salih and Ibrahim (p)
  • Ibrahim in Egypt, Story of Zamzam
  • Building of al Kaba
  • Lut, Yusuf (p)
  • Ayub (p)
  • Dhul Kifil, Yunus and Shu’aib (p)

    Volume 2 –

  • the 3 Messengers, Habib Najjar, Musa (p)
  • Musa, Exodus, end of Fir’awn
  • Al Khidr
  • Yusha, Ilyas, al Yasa, Shamwa’ail, Talut and Dawud (p)
  • Sulaiman, Queen of Sheba, Ozair (p), Family of Imran
  • Maryam, Zakariya, Yahya (p)
  • Birth of ‘Isa, Miracles of Isa (p), Ascension
  • Return of ‘Isa, Brief History of Muhammed (p)
  • Bath of the Ditch, Farewell Sermon of the Last Prophet (p)

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