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The Faculty (audio nasheed CD) Muslim Hiphop [as heard at ISNA 2009 performance]

The Faculty (audio nasheed CD) Muslim Hiphop [as heard at ISNA 2009 performance]

The Faculty (audio nasheed CD) Muslim Hiphop [as heard at ISNA 2009 performance]
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Publisher/Manufacturer: Faculty Productions (2008)
Product specifications: Islamic nasheed CD (Islamic Hip Hop - uses musical instruments)
Item type: Audio CD

Product description:

In an era of much musical nonsense, The Faculty makes perfect sense. The Faculty, a Twin-Cities based hip-hop duo consisting of Mohamad Elmasry and Taqee Khaled, offers music that reflects deep political consciousness and spiritual awareness, all wrapped nearly within a mix of hot beats, dope delivery, and smooth harmony. Their self-titled debut album was released in August 2008 and their premiere video for "Faces in the Crowd" is available online.

Melodic/Conscious Rap & Hip-Hop

The Faculty is a politically, socially, and morally conscious hip-hop group based in Minneapolis, MN. The group, founded in 2007, has performed live in 2008 and 2009 for thousands of fans in several US cities, including at the recent ISNA convention in Washington, DC.

The Faculty's™ self-titled debut album melds together a mainstream musical sound and melody with penetrating lyrical content that reflects social, spiritual, and political awareness. In addressing issues like love of the Prophet (pbuh), hope, Muslim unity, poverty, the struggle to maintain closeness to Allah, political oppression, and anti-Muslim discrimination.

The Faculty™ speaks directly to its audience without sugarcoating the realities of the modern world.

Sample Songs: 

Reviewed by blogger:

"If you haven’t heard of the Muslim hip-hop duo The Faculty consider yourself missing out in a major way. Well here’s the introduction. Meet The Faculty, a fresh new take on genre dear to all of our hearts: Muslim hip-hop. .....

While the group is Muslim, the lyrics do not overwhelm the listener with Islamic overtones. Actually listeners will have to listen carefully in order to catch the full meaning behind these lyrical gems like on one of my favorite tracks ‘Like Rain’ Elmasry raps, “Who’ll be present at the sentencing, of all the weakened souls/I was present at the witnessing a long time ago/You bore witness too man – don’t act like you don’t know/You could probably find the record cuz that’s just the way it goes.” Writing it out does not give it justice.

In that verse Elmasry is referencing two specific events detailed in Muslim tradition: the Day of Judgement and the Islamic belief that all souls bore witness to Allah as their Lord prior to the creation of humans. Even if you don’t believe, the rap verse allows the listener to relate it back to their own experiences.

The track is backed by a smooth jazz-like beat and Elmasry’s reflective rap on this track reminds you of a conversation you would have with a close friend late at night.

Another noteworthy track is ‘Faces in the Crowd’ the hook is especially addictive with Khaled crooning behind a popping tabla beat, “And if it’s truth you’re looking for, then hold the prism to the colors in and white within the spectrum within yourself and ask ‘Was it worth the price?‘ ‘Was it worth the delusion to understand that this was all a dream?’“ ....

Professionally produced and well thought out, for a mere $10.50 The Faculty is definitely ‘Worth the price.’"

Music in Islam

The subject of music's permissibility in Islam has drawn sizable debate from all corners of the Ummah. There are some scholars that say it is haram (forbidden) in all cases, some that say no musical instruments can be used, and some say it's halal (permissible) as long as it doesn't contain content which violates the principles of Islam (i.e. sex, drugs, violence, profanity). We take the latter viewpoint on this matter. While we are not scholars, we have consulted different scholars on the issue and have made an informed decision.

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