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Atlas SD9100si Arabic English Talking Electronic Dictionary

Atlas SD9100si Arabic English Talking Electronic Dictionary

Atlas SD9100si Arabic English Talking Electronic Dictionary
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Publisher/Manufacturer: Atlas Electronics
Product specifications: Electronic Dictionary
Item type: Electronic Dictionary

Product description:

A great new electronic translator dictionary, with speaking in English and Arabic in real human voice!


Atlas SD9100si Electronic Dictionary


At a glance:

  • Arabic and English speaking
  • Huge 4.1 touch color LCD screen
  • English/Arabic user interface
  • Nine specialized dictionaries (Law, Engineering, Medical, and more)
  • PDF reader and advanced multimedia player (plays MP3, videos, and Flash)

    Main Applications:

    1. Dictionaries: 9 Professional dictionaries: (Medical, Engineering, Commercial, Scientific, Law, Relations, Political, Military and Sports). Atlas Encyclopedic E->A Dictionary, general A->E Dictionary, Personal Dictionary, in addition to Vocabulary, Phrasal Verbs, Proverbs and Idioms, Collins English-English Dictionary, plus User’s Dictionary.
    2. Language: Basic English Words, Synonyms, Antonyms, English Examples, Irregular Verbs, Irregular Plural Nouns, Irregular Comparisons, Confusables, Basic Conversation, and Dialog. Includes English Irregular Verbs, English Irregular Plural Nouns, English Synonyms, English Antonyms
    3. English Grammar: Test Your Grammar (E), Grammar (E/ A), Say & Don't Say (E).
    4. Arabic Grammar: Test Your Arabic grammar.
    5. Teach Yourself English (with voice): The alphabet and sounds, basic English words, simple sentences and simple questions.
    6. Reading and Writing: Writing notes, letters, essays, research papers, and punctuation marks, plus reading notes.
    7. Encyclopedia (E/A): Test your knowledge, precious stones, inventions & inventors, universe, Earth, musical terms, chemical elements, Roman numerals, main world languages, animal cries, facts, the Football World Cup, the Olympics, Arabic names, and phobias.
    8. Quizzes: Vocabulary (E-A), irregular verbs (E), irregular plural nouns (E), correct spaces (E), scrambler (E), memorize the word (E), translating sentences (E/A), sentence order (E), listening comprehension test (E), reading comprehension test (E), business worksheets quiz, and grammar worksheets quiz.
    9. Calculations: Simple, Scientific, Multi-Lines, Man-hour, Cost-Profit, Statistic and Loan calculators, Metric Conversion, Currency Exchange, Income & Expense, Investment Management, Formulae Calculator, Equation Solving and Coupled Equations.
    10. Organizer: Telephone, memo, schedule, to -do list, calendar (Gregorian/ Hijri), anniversaries, class schedule, personal information & PC synchronization.
    11. Miscellaneous: Date and time for your local city, daily alarm, world time, stopwatch, prayer times, travel guide (E/A), file management, data management, greeting message, and system setup functions.
    12. Games: Several edutainment games to choose from. Built-in MP3, MP4, MPEG, AVI, WMV & BAV function. Flash Player SWF
    13. Communication: Kit PC link communication USB cable and software are included.

    Key Features:

    1. Memory: 350 MB available memory to store data.
    2. Expansion Card: SD/MMC Card X2 slot is available for memory expansion options to load MP3, video files, and additional data.
    3. MP3 Player: The user can listen to an MP3 file while s/he is using other applications, such as the encyclopedia or grammar lessons.
    4. Display: 4.1" High resolution color LCD screen with touch panel.
    5. Size (mm): 138 x 80 x 22
    6. Weight: 163 g.
    7. LCD Display (dots): 320 x 240
    8. Battery: Rechargeable

    Bundled Accessories:

    1. Leather Case
    2. Stylus
    3. Headphones
    4. Power Adapter
    5. Rechargeable Battery
    6. USB Cable
    7. User's CD
    8. User's Manual

    *It may be necessary to use a European to American electrical adapter. Please note, this adapter is not included in your purchase.