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Unbreakable Fiqh as-Dawah Series (3 audio CD set) Waleed Basyouni

Unbreakable Fiqh as-Dawah Series (3 audio CD set) Waleed Basyouni

Unbreakable Fiqh as-Dawah Series (3 audio CD set) Waleed Basyouni
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Publisher/Manufacturer: Dawah Corps
Product specifications: 3 CD Audio Lecture
Item type: Audio CDs

Product description:

Join Shaykh Waleed as he expounds upon the very crux of dawah, speaking about topics ranging from the virtues of dawah to the correct approach of the da'ie (caller). This comprehensive three disc set is indispensable for anyone living in the West. Shaykh Waleed breaks down the science and methodology of dawah in an unprecedented manner, joining the essential information with practical exaples not to be found elsewhere.

CD 1: Introduction, Definitions, and Virtues of Dawah: How do you define "Fiqh ad-Dawah"? Why should anyone care about inviting people to that which is good?

CD 2: Principles and Rules Related to the Way, Means and Tools of Dawah: The Prophet (S) never used pamphlets or CDs to invite people to Islam, so isn't this a bidah (innovation) if we use it? Shaykh Waleed covers the rules related to this topic and other vital principles.

CD 3: Characteristics of the One Inviting to Islam and the One Being Invited: "Don't be like the candle, you give everyone light but burn yourself out..." This section covres the essential elements of the caller - how they are to behave and how they are to purify their souls.