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Islam : The Message of Truth : Deedat in Malaysia (VHS Video) Ahmed Deedat

Islam : The Message of Truth : Deedat in Malaysia (VHS Video) Ahmed Deedat

Islam : The Message of Truth : Deedat in Malaysia (VHS Video) Ahmed Deedat
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Publisher/Manufacturer: Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI)
Product specifications: VHS Video approximate running time 120 minutes
Item type: VHS Video

Product description:

In this outstanding lecture by the world famous Ahmed Deedat, he covers the ultimate truth behind Islam.

Almost seventy years old at the time, Ahmed Deedat gained unprecedented international fame and celebrity within a short time frame of 3-4 years, when he emerged from South Africa during the mid 1980s to challenge several Christian contemporaries to open public debates on various theological and doctrinal topics. Charismatic, irrepressible, uncompromising, often dismissive, it was Ahmed Deedat’s sheer mastery of the Bible and Biblical studies in general that actually made the biggest impression among Muslim audiences.

Deedat first came to international attention when he won a King Faisal Award in 1986 for decades of missionary work in his native South Africa. His subsequent international travels took him as far as Fiji Islands, to Sweden and Denmark, to the US, Canada, and Great Britain on more than one occasion, as well as to Pakistan and frequently to the Middle East. One must give credit to Ahmed Deedat’s tireless dedication in those years for inspiring a host of recent writings and other missionary work towards Christians by local Muslim populations across Western societies.

Also impressive at the time was Deedat’s use of the VHS medium to make his speeches and debates widely available at minimal cost to the public. In those early days of Muslim media, Deedat videos likely made up the overwhelming majority of any Muslim video collection. Several provocative booklets were also written by Deedat and made freely available to the public; some of them were later handsomely bound together in a sparkling collection titled, The Choice: Islam and Christianity. Deedat also actively promoted the widespread availability of Yusuf Ali’s translation of the Holy Qur’an, an imprint of which was printed under the auspices of the IPCI in South Africa and made available to public at subsidized cost.

After suffering a stroke in 1996, Shaykh Deedat became severely paralyzed and was to be consigned to hospital care for remainder of his life. He passed away quietly in 2005, may Allah reward him for his good works.

Born to humble origins in India in 1918, the young Ahmed Deedat followed his father to South Africa at the age of nine where for the first time he received some formal education. But financial duress forced him to leave school early without graduation and join the workforce, where he worked in retailing for several years.

It was here that he encountered Christian missionaries in the staunchly conservative South Africa. Annoyed by their attacks on Islam, Deedat soon found himself defending his faith in lectures and public engagements. A decade of subsequent growing demand for his services culminated in the founding of the Islamic Propagate-ion Centre International (IPCI) in 1957. It was here that Ahmed Deedat mastered his art of Christian-Muslim dialogue over the next three decades, translating Biblical Criticism and Doctrinal Contradictions of Christianity into simple forms that even the most ordinary layman could understand.