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Muhammad : The Last Prophet

Muhammad : The Last Prophet

Muhammad : The Last Prophet
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Publisher/Manufacturer: Badr International, RichCrest Animation (2007)
Product specifications: Animated Film on DVD
Item type: 2 DVD Set

Product description:

The Long Awaited Animated Film of All Times Muhammad (pbuh): The Last Prophet.


The first animated feature film about Islam’s Prophet; Muhammad (pbuh): The Last Prophet is now available to own on a Special Edition DVD. The movie aims to introduce the story of Islam and its Prophet to new generations in the appealing and accessible medium of animation. Though the Prophet is not personified, sound and cinematography are employed in the telling of his story. The film is directed by Disney veteran Richard Rich, the creator of The King and I, The Fox and the Hound, as well as The Swan Princess and is capped off with a stunning soundtrack by Emmy-award winning composer William Kidd.

This Special Edition DVD is packed with special features including Music Video Clips of famous artists such as Aa’shiq Al-Rasul, Mesut Kurtis, and Qatrundada. That’s not all! The Special Edition also includes a bonus song CD, entitled “A Tribute to the Prophet” which is a collection of popular Nasheeds (Songs) by famous artists from around the world who praised the Prophet in their songs, like Yusuf Islam, Aa’shiq Al-Rasul, and Hamza Robertson from the UK, Native Dean from the USA, Dawud Wharnsby from Canada, Mesut Kurtis from Macedonia, Zain Bhikha from South Africa, and Qatrunada from Indonesia.

The Special Edition is uniquely packaged to resemble the “Kaba”-the holy house in Mecca – highlighting the location where it all began. Don’t miss this Special Edition. Own your copy now!!


But in "Muhammad: The Last Prophet," an animated retelling of the events surrounding the birth of Islam, the filmmakers faced a distinct challenge: How do you animate a main character who can never be shown? According to Islamic law, the prophet himself, along with many of his close relatives, cannot be visually represented - a restriction that has given rise to a great tradition of abstract motifs in Islamic art, but that would seem ill suited to traditional Disney-style animation.


"Muhammad: the Last Prophet" will inevitably be compared to Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ." Some may label it propaganda, a 90-minute commercial for Islam. But "Muhammad" is likely to prove less divisive than Mr. Gibson's film, if only because its scenes of violence and battle (there are many) are without gore or graphic detail. The film was explicitly intended to bring Western audiences a more positive vision of Islam than the one experienced through mainstream media.

The New York Times Review: read more here


Talk Disney: Disney Animator's "Muhammad" Animated Feature:


Richard Rich, who directed several full-length animated features for Walt Disney Studios, helmed this ambitious cartoon feature about the founder of the Islamic faith. In the year 610 A.D., the city of Mecca had become overrun with criminal and immoral behavior, dominated by crooked businessmen, gamblers, and drunkards. The Quarysh, the ruling body that controlled Mecca, had been overtaken by corrupt men who served the needs of the wealthy at the expense of the common people. The lone exception among the Quarysh was the forthright and principled Abu Talib (Eli Allem), who championed the rights of the poor and disadvantaged. Abu Talib was also the guardian of Muhammad, his nephew, whose parents died when he was young. A man of deep faith, Muhammad prayed every day in a cavern on the outskirts of town, and one day he was visited by the angel Gabriel, who gave him the task of spreading a new faith to the world which would honor the one God who watched over all. Muhammad took this charge seriously and set out to tell the world of this new faith, but the men of the Quarysh were threatened by Muhammad's teachings, so much so that he was forced to exile himself to Medina in order for the new faith to survive. In accordance with Islamic law, Muhammad is never shown onscreen in this film. Muhammad: The Last Prophet was originally scheduled for release in the United States in early 2002, but following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the film was shelved in the U.S. due to widespread hostility and misunderstanding toward Muslims -- ironically, just the attitudes the film was created to confront. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide