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Not Afraid to Stand Alone (audio CD) Native Deen

Not Afraid to Stand Alone (audio CD) Native Deen

Not Afraid to Stand Alone (audio CD) Native Deen
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Publisher/Manufacturer: Native Deen (November 2007)
Product specifications: Nasheed CD (no stringed instruments; percussion only)
Item type: Audio CD

Product description:

The wait is over!!! The world-renowned Muslim hip-hop group Native Deen released its latest album titled "Not Afraid to Stand Alone." The new album features 16 tracks of fusion, R&B and hip hop sounds throughout. Native Deen brings a melodic high energy sound that can be appreciated by people of all races, religions and ethnicities.

Native Deen's decision to solely use percussion instruments throughout "Not Afraid to Stand Alone" has lead to the creation of one of the most evocative audio efforts of the year. With powerful beats and thought-provoking lyrics, "Not Afraid to Stand Alone" will strike a chord with fans of hip-hop and R&B. Showcasing the remix of "M.U.S.L.I.M" and the single "Stand Alone", it also features special guest artists Zain Bhikha and Isam B. from Outlandish.

Listen to an online audio clip:

01. SubhanAllah (MP3 Audio Clip)

02. Stand Alone (MP3 Audio Clip)

03. Lord is Watching (MP3 Audio Clip)

04. Still Strong (MP3 Audio Clip)

05. Life's Worth (MP3 Audio Clip)

06. Sea of Forgiveness (MP3 Audio Clip)

07. Pray Before… (MP3 Audio Clip)

08. Tala'al Badru (MP3 Audio Clip)

09. The Message (MP3 Audio Clip)

10. Hold the Line (MP3 Audio Clip)

11. Labbayk (MP3 Audio Clip)

12. Eid Morning (MP3 Audio Clip)

13. Rain Song (MP3 Audio Clip)

14. Be At The Top (MP3 Audio Clip)

15. Zamilooni (MP3 Audio Clip)

16. M-U-S-L-I-M (MP3 Audio Clip)

See the music video Stand Alone :