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All For You (audio nasheed CD) Noor

All For You (audio nasheed CD) Noor

All For You (audio nasheed CD) Noor
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Publisher: Noor (2006)
Voice: Noor
Media: Audio CD (1)
Total running time: 42 minutes approximate

Product description:

Take an evolutionary journey through nasheed as we bend the traditional styles and create a unique and modern sound, merging the spiritual melodies of the East with the vivid musical pieces mastered by the West. The best of both worlds fuse in a mixture of poetic harmony, an auditory celebration of Arabic and English vocals entwined with percussion, string, and wind instruments, brought together by the common thread of faith and the love of God and His final Messenger (PBUH). Past, present, and future come together here and now to birth a new measure of sound for the discerning listener, a tranquil experience of mind, heart, and soul.

Editor's note : This album uses musical instruments.

Track Listing

  • 01 Guidance [sample] 4:56
  • 02 As-habuna, Ah-babuna [sample] 4:45
  • 03 Endless Bounty [sample] 4:13
  • 04 All For You [sample] 4:55
  • 05 Mashi Binoorillah [sample] 4:27
  • 06 Our Call [sample] [lyrics] 3:14
  • 07 Our Call Bonus Track 1:17
  • 08 Return to Him [sample] 5:40
  • 09 Salla Allahu 'Ala Muhammad [sample] 5:53

    Lyrics to Selected Songs --

    Guidance from Allah, shone upon the Earth
    As a beacon of light, for the whole universe

    Adam, Noah and Ibraham
    Mousa (Moses), Isaa (Jesus) and Muhammad
    Noble prophets sent as mercy
    Guidance from Allah Almighty

    Followers of the prophets, share the bonds of brotherhood
    Leading lives of humility, models for humanity

    Through their faith they spread the light
    Throughout their lives they taught what’s right
    Respect for all of God’s creations
    Peace for all the many nations

    We turn to Allah, every night every day
    Allahu Allah, to you we pray

    Grant us knowledge, hope and wisdom
    Grant our voices strength in freedom
    Fill our lives with love and mercy
    Guidance from Allah Almighty

    Anwarul Islam lama’at fid-dunya
    Fa ada’t afham lima’alima ‘ulya

    Endless Bounty

    Ya Allah ya Rahman
    Bestow on me your mercy
    And bless me with your endless bounty

    I raise my hands to Allah the creator
    Of the world, my only sustainer
    Ya Allah, I shed my tears and bow to you
    Hopin’ you’ll answer my prayer
    Please answer my prayer

    Ya Allah, the world has overwhelmed me
    Without you it’s full of hostility
    Only you have power over all things
    Please help me, I need you ya ilahi

    About the group --

    Noor's journey began over eight years ago when four friends were asked to perform at the opening fundraiser for an Islamic school in Riverside, California. Drawing their inspiration from well known munshids such as Abul Jood and Imad Rami, this group of friends began meeting once a month to practice songs and technique. As the number of performance requests began to increase, it became clear that the community was looking for a professional source of halal entertainment.

    In their first foray outside the realm of traditional nasheed, Noor purchased an electronic keyboard to add a modern flavor to the lyrics they performed from old books of poetry. At the time, traditional nasheed—a cappella-based with light percussions—was appealing mainly to first generation immigrants. The group's new sound began to attract attention from younger listeners, filling the performance halls with both young and old. With a high-quality sound system and enhanced percussions, Noor began to offer their services at weddings and Islamic conferences, expanding their reach to performances across the United States.

    Noor has shared the stage with internationally known artists such as Ustadh Muhammad Abu Ratib and Sami Yusuf. These artists and others have helped make traditional nasheed mainstream by producing high quality songs with classic, wholesome lyrics and music. Noor, alongside these pioneers of modern nasheed, aims to offer Muslims around the world a hip Islamic alternative to standard commercialized music with the release of their first album, All for You.