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Oxford Speaking Electronic Dictionary : English to Arabic and Arabic to English Plus Scientific Encyclopedia OAS-1850

Oxford Speaking Electronic Dictionary : English to Arabic and Arabic to English Plus Scientific Encyclopedia OAS-1850

Oxford Speaking Electronic Dictionary : English to Arabic and Arabic to English Plus Scientific Encyclopedia OAS-1850
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Manufacturer: aDawliah Universal Electronics
Product type: Electronic dictionary
Other Details:

Product description:


We are proud to introduce the new Oxford Speaking Dictionary with the cooperation of Oxford University and in partnership with Franklin Electronic Publishers, This unit contains a bilingual dictionary a/e & e/a, with a built-in academia scientific encyclopedia.


  • It contains the entire original text of oxford student’s dictionary English / Arabic & Arabic / English.
  • It contains academia scientific encyclopedia in a/e/f languages.
  • User can add an empty 2mb flash rom card (not included) to the device with the ability of downloading different subjects from Franklin website on the internet.
  • Complete grammar guide.
  • User’s dictionary.
  • Irregular verbs and inflections.
  • State – of – the – art spelling correction, in both English & Arabic
  • Personal organizer with 128 KB.
  • Phrases
  • Educational word games.
  • Planets, Countries.
  • It contains the periodic table for chemical elements.
  • Calculator with currency and metric converter.
  • Gazetteer Geographical dictionary, time zone.
  • Pc connectivity
  • Expandability by adding special electronic Rom cards to the device.


  • The ability of getting all definitions of entered words in both languages with full details about inflections of the word.
  • Full explanations about 13
  • Dictionaries in 3 lang. (optics, biology, chemistry,
  • Energy,engineering,medicine, electronics,computer,geology, physics,math,acoustics ,water
  • In order to give the user more memory capacity to learn more &download free information from the internet.
  • It contains complete conjugations for every verb in all tenses and plurals for all names.
  • Ability of adding more words to the personal dictionary of the user.

  • Complete list for English irregular verbs and inflections of the verbs.

  • The user device contains accurate spell checker depending on phonetics.

  • Unit contains organizer with (Tel. Dir, Local and World time, calendar Hijri & Gregorian, memo, To do list).

  • Unit contains traveler’s phrases translated into Arabic & English which covers subjects in life such as Health, emergency.

  • Unit contains games such as hangman, word train, and flashcards, guess the word.

  • Unit contains brief information about all solar planets & full guide for most of cities.

  • Full details on all elements of periodic table for chemistry and their atomic weights.

  • Full option calculator with running records of your inputs and partial results, also can convert currencies and metric systems.

  • Full explanation about cities of the world, time zone and geography.

  • Ability of connecting the device to pc through serial cable, by using windows 98,xp etc…

  • Ability of adding electronic book cards to the unit such as languages (encyclopedias, medical )


  • User can search for the word meaning instantly and this procedure will repeal the old manual search.

  • To enrich the user with the definitions of most scientific expressions &terms,in all fields of medicine,technical,etc…
  • The user will benefit from this flash rom by downloading plenty of subjects free of charge.

  • User can get context – sensitive grammar help about difficult points of English.

  • To update the latest words of user dictionary.

  • User can build up complete sentences in English by using irregular verbs.

  • Capable of teaching the user how to spell words correctly.

  • User can store and organize his or her telephone numbers, memo, schedule and things to do, local & world time& calendar.

  • To help the user in advancing his references about new sentences with their pronunciations.

  • To help user in education and entertainment.

  • User can be updated about astronomy field & learn more about names of cities.

  • To gain more knowledge about chemical elements.

  • It can solve all calculations easier, and the conversions can be done with a touch of a button.

  • User can find capitals, names of cities, and geographical information.

  • User can benefit from exchange information & data between device & pc

  • User can build a complete library of electronic books of his own.

    Specifications :-

    - Dimensions: 5-1/2x3-13/16x5/8 inches.

    - Weight: 7 ounces.

    - Batteries : 2 × AA

    - Dictionary memory: 32 M.B Compressed.

    - Organizer memory : 128 K.B

    - Volume control : Yes

    The Oxford Speaking Dictionary is good for all groups of society between ages 15 – 60 years especially university students, businesspersons, researchers, doctors, pharmacists , engineers, Students of colleges of medicine, institutes, of languages such as ( English, French, Spanish, German, Italian ), and more.

    - Authorized by oxford university

    - Contains academia scientific encyclopedia in 3 languages a/e/f

    - Instant and prompt translation for any Arabic or English vocabularies.

    - Instant hypertext look-up in both English and Arabic – pick words from the definitions and directly see their own entries.

    - It contains backlight to use the device in the dark.