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Dhikr of Life (Khaleel Muhammad) audio CD

Dhikr of Life (Khaleel Muhammad) audio CD

Dhikr of Life (Khaleel Muhammad) audio CD
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Publisher: Meem Music (September 2005)
Voice: Khaleel Muhammad
Media: Audio CD
Total running time: 38 mins.

Product description:

Style of Nasheeds : Contemporary, Soul/RnB
Language(s) : English
Released : September 2005


1. Beauty Zone
2. Blessed Mustafa
3. Dhikr of Life
4. His Power (Interlude)
5. I Believe
6. Love Allah
7. Long Ago - 610 (A HREF="" target="new">sound clip
8. I Believe (Gabriel Hadith) (A HREF="" target="new">sound clip
9. Subhan'Allah
10. Welcome to Madinah (Tala al-Badru Alayna) sound clip

Khaleel has been ubiquitous on the Islamic media domain for years. From captivating us with his powerful graphic designs, singing harmonious melodies in the background of top nasheeds and producing audio masterpieces, there are few places you can go without seeing his name.

Best known for his innovative audio play 'The Adventures of Hakim' and providing the backing vocals to songs by Yusuf Islam and Zain Bhikha, Khaleel is far from just a nasheeds artist. He is an accomplished designer, voice-over artist, as well as prolific writer, producer and Workshop leader. His writing and production contributions include 'A Simple Guide to Prayer' and the audio story 'Salah ad-Din: Champion of the Crusades’ read by Gai Eaton and produced for Mountain of Light productions. He has provided voice over parts for documentaries and cartoons include numerous projects for Mountain of Light, cartoons ‘Habil and Qabil’ and ‘Tuva’, documentaries: ‘Historic Lands of Qur’an’ and ‘Jerusalem: Promise of Heaven’.

In 2003 Khaleel Muhammad made the transition from providing backing vocals for Yusuf Islam and Zain Bhikha and moved into the limelight to perform his debut album HEAVEN along side Dawud Wharnsby Ali, SHAAM, Mecca 2 Medina and Sami Yusuf at the sell-out Nasheed Extravaganza 2 tour of the UK. His successful debut album HEAVEN pushes back the creative envelope and is his distinctive contribution to the growing English nasheed genre, making him the first ‘Soul Brother’ in the UK nasheed Industry. Taking traditional sounds, themes and sentiments, Khaleel adds his own rich harmonies and contemporary style and blends them into well-crafted and memorable nasheeds. And all this using voice and percussion only!