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Islam 101 Live (audio CD)

Islam 101 Live (audio CD)

Islam 101 Live (audio CD)
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Publisher: Javed Mohammed (2005)
Voice: Amina Jandali, Saida Shaikh, Amatullah Marwani, Micky Pandit, Abdul Rahim, others
Media: Audio CD
Total running time: unknown

Product description:

Islam 101 Live is a breakthrough audio production that in one compilation covers the basics of Islam, discusses some of its myths, answers questions by non-Muslims, gives a sampling of verses from the Qur'an and their translation and shares new Muslims' stories of how they came to Islam.

  • Narrated by Sadia Shaikh
  • Presentation by Amina Jandali (co-founder of Islamic Networks Group)
  • Recorded and edited by Scott Miller
  • Music by Sidi Yasser Chadly with kind permissions of Anas Canon
  • Produced by Javed Mohammed

    Tracks --

  • Introduction to Islam 101 Live - Sadia
  • Introduction to Islam - Amina
  • Jihad : An Explanation - Amina
  • Islam and Women - Amina
  • Questions and Answers - Amina
  • Azan (call to prayer & translation) - Shaikh Murtada
  • Introduction to Qur'an - Sadia
  • Qur'an : Fatiha - Faraj
  • Qur'an : Other verses Faraj
  • Introduction to New Muslim stories - Sadia
  • Neighbors' View - Amatullah Marwani
  • Hindu Brahman view - Micky Pandit
  • Mexican Catholic view - Abdul Rahim
  • American Catholic view - Halima Albers
  • Conclusion - Sadia
  • Credits