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Shaam - Mawlid at Abbey Road (audio CD)

Shaam - Mawlid at Abbey Road (audio CD)

Shaam - Mawlid at Abbey Road (audio CD)
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Publisher: Meem Music (2004)
Voice: Shaam
Media: Audio CD (1)
Total running time: 60 mins. (approx)

Product description:


On a hot summer's day in July 2004, Shaam, resplendent in their white thobes, stepped into a famous western studio (EMI Abbey Road Studios, St. John's Wood, London) Live in session in Studio 2, they performed four of their classical Arabic sets as they would at a gathering in remembrance and commemoration of God (Allah, swt) and His Last Prophet (sws).

Comprised of a total of 33 tracks, including:

  • Adhan - call to prayer
  • The Holy Qur'an - Surah al Ahzab v. 56
  • Salawat Kamaliya - Great Salutations
  • Bushra Lana - Glad Tidings
  • Du'a - Supplication
  • Laka Fi Qalbi - In My Heart
  • Il Habib 'Araftu - To Know Allah
  • Allahu Da'im - Allah the Everlasting
  • Qul Ya Adheem - Say He is the Greatest
  • Al Humdu Lillah - Thanks Be to Allah
  • Jood Alaina - Be Generous To Us
  • Ya Noor Al 'Ain - O Light of Our Eyes
  • Ala Baladil Mahboob - To Visit the Land of the Beloved
  • Wishloon Anam al Layl - About the Night of Ascension
  • Ya Noor al Quloobi - O Light of My Heart
  • Ya Molana Sali - O Lord Send Salutations Upon Muhammed (s)
  • Ya Rabbana - O Sustainer
  • Iza Radoony - To Gain the Love of Pious People
  • Hasbi Rabbi Jal-Allah - Enough for Me is My Lord
  • Qur'an - Surah Ra'd v. 28
  • Tabalay - Be Sweet to Me and My Kind
  • Tabat il Hdarah - The Gathering
  • Ya Rijal Allah - O Men of Allah
  • Kulama Na Dayta - Every Time I Call
  • Haythu Gibrael - Gabriel's Wings
  • Salawat Ibrahimia - Saluations Upon Abraham
  • Holy Qur'an Surah al Kafiroon
  • Holy Qur'an Surah al Ikhlas
  • Holy Qur'an Surah al Falaq
  • Holy Qur'an Surah al Nas
  • Holy Qur'an Surah al Fatiha