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Square the Circle : American Muslim Comedy of Distortion (audio CD) Azhar Usman

Square the Circle : American Muslim Comedy of Distortion (audio CD) Azhar Usman

Square the Circle : American Muslim Comedy of Distortion (audio CD) Azhar Usman
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Publisher: Awakening Media, Azhar Usman
Voice: Azhar Usman
Media: Audio CD (1)
Total running time: 47:40

Listen to an online sample:

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  • Product description:

    Azhar Usman, in association with Awakening (UK Strategic Alliance Partner), is proud to present: SQUARE THE CIRCLE: American Muslim Comedy of Distortion

    About the CD:
    SQUARE THE CIRCLE: American Muslim Comedy of Distortion is a pioneering work by American Muslim standup comedian Azhar Usman. Hilariously entertaining comedy in its essence, SQUARE THE CIRCLE is a fascinating insight into life and living as a Muslim in 21st century America. Unique in its genre because of his rigorous ethical and moral standards for clean humor, Usman's comedy is G-rated fun for the whole family. By balancing self-deprecation, introspection, and everyday observational humor, Usman has made an important cross-cultural contribution to the comedic arts—particularly at a time when Western Muslims struggle to carve out their unique cultural space like the minority Muslim communities before them, by doing the seemingly impossible: squaring the circle.

    About the Title
    “Square the circle” is an expression of geometric and theological significance. Though a simple expression incorporating two simple shapes, its complexity lies in the logically impossible task of reconciling the two with one another, much like the paradox of man in relation to the Divine, a circle on top of a square (as architecturally represented by a traditional mosque structure of a dome atop a cube), or even being an “American Muslim.” See Faith in the Future: Islam after the Enlightenment, by Abdal Hakim Murad, online at:

    “Comedy of distortion” is a specific comedic technique or pattern of ethnic humor that involves the distortion of stereotypes and pre-existent audience perceptions. See Theories of Ethnic Humor: How to Enter, Laughing, by John Lowe, in the American Quarterly, pages 453-4 (1986).

    01 Disclaimers (2:38).
    02 Salam Diversity (2:31)
    03 Media Hype (3:42)
    04 Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.) (3:52)
    05 Inside Your Local Mosque (feat. Uncle 'Letmesplainyou') (4:20)
    06 Converting Is-hard (2:26)
    07 Culture versus Religion (4:38)
    08 Iqamat al-Din (feat. Sheikh Abdul the Radical Imam) (3:19)
    09 Cats & Doggs (3:35)
    10 Nomenclature (2:24)
    11 Fair Trial in America (3:21)
    12 Family Feud (2:02)
    13 Uncivil Rights (2:48)
    14 No Laughing in Prayer (2:32)
    15 Foot in the Sink (3:26)