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Multi Madrasa (Software CD - Learn Arabic)

Multi Madrasa (Software CD - Learn Arabic)

Multi Madrasa (Software CD - Learn Arabic)
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Manufacturer: Islamic Foundation
Product type: Software CD (PC only)
Other Details: Windows 95/98/2000/XP compatible

Product description:

The first Madrasa that uses the Computer to teach Arabic. It is informative and lots of fun!

See --
Pictures of hundreds of everyday objects to learn their Arabic names.

Complete tashkeel (vowel pointing) on every word. A sun or a moon letter to show whether any letter is shamsiyya or qamariyya.

Listen --
Recitation from the entire last Hizb of Al-Qur’an Al-Kareem. Ayah by ayah or word by word or syllable by syllable. When you are asked questions in Arabic, find the answer by clicking the mouse.

Draw --
Draw your own pictures freehand and with the built in clip art. Learn the names of tile colours, shapes and clip art pictures as you use them. Easy to use colouring stencils which enable younger ones to get astonishing results.

Learn --
  • Nineteen complete surahs from Al-Qur’an Al-Kareem.
  • Hundreds of words in a wide variety of categories.
  • How each letter or syllable is pronounced, the numbers, the days, the months, and how to tell the date and time correctly in Arabic.

    Play --
    The built in interactive animated games as a reward for your efforts when your score mounts up. The Scores of ten best experts will be recorded in the programme.

    Print --
    Print out Surahs of the last Hizb of Al- Qur’an al Kareem to help you learn them by heart and print your Drawings.

    PC --
    Requires Win95 /98 Minimum system P200 with 16 MB Ram & 16 MB hard drive space